Meal Prep

Welcome to Healthy Eatz, four years ago my wife and I wanted to open a food establishment that served Non-Processed meals. Healthy Eatz was created out a space in our fitness facility LA East Fitness & Wellness. Cyndie and I have been in the Fitness industry for over 25 years. We realize vanity goals and health goals are met by Nutrition. We owned a Crossfit box (Crossfit Beckley) for seven years and later transitioned into F2 Training. Nutrition is 80% of who you want to be and the goals you want to met. 

Our meals are prepared with the Kill it-Grow it phrase. This meaning, we do NOT prepare meals with anything processed. No Breads, Wheat, Sugar, Potatoes, etc. I guess you can include us on the Keto Plan and many meals would be Paleo, only exception is, the meals we prepare are with real cheese. Just heat up and eat! Fully cooked and prepared. 

Healthy Eatz' menu is 100% gluten free. But don’t let that fool you, our food is DELICIOUS

Our weekly menu comes out every Thursday with different meal options for you to choose from week to week.  Health Eatz will prepare your meals to pick up Monday (one week out)